Clinical Strains Repository

Open Source Drug Discovery Initiative is in the process of creating an Open Access repository of Clinical strains/isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We hope this repository would be an invaluable resource for reseachers and clinicians to address basic questions in TB infection, population diversity, mechanisms of Drug resistance etc.[more]
We have put up a detailed section on Frequently Asked Questions to clarify your doubts and queries on the Open Access Repository. We would also be open to answer your doubts. Please mark your queries to

Register yourself with the repository. It would take approximately a minute of your time. We would need some basic information on what you would be contributing.

We would get back to you with more information and details once we recieve information from you on what you would like to contribute.

We would collect the samples and details from your premises at no cost to you and put it up for processing.

We would update the status of the sample online on this website, including information on the sample and the contributor.  All successfully processed samples would be available to the community.

See the Frequently Asked Questions Section